How Does Umbrella Insurance Work?

Umbrella insurance is a type that is used alongside other types of insurance to give you better coverage. When you already have home and auto insurance policies, you can get umbrella insurance to boost them both. With more insurance, you are better protected against financial disasters that can happen after an accident. Call us at The Insurance Shop USA in Sandpoint, ID to get your umbrella insurance policy. 

Liability Coverage

When you have home and auto insurance policies, each of these comes with an amount of liability insurance. In your auto policy, the liability coverage pays for the property damage and bodily injury to the other driver. Home insurance has liability coverage in case someone is injured in your home. However, each of these liability coverage types is often in small amounts. They may not be enough to pay for an accident. Getting umbrella insurance adds to the liability coverage in both of these policies. That leaves you far better protected after an accident happens. 

Applying for Umbrella Insurance 

When there is an accident where someone is injured, you’re responsible for all of the bills that come afterward. When you have umbrella insurance, you have two policies to pay for those damages and medical bills. The home or auto policy comes in first. It pays what it can toward the bills. Then, it meets its maximum payout. After that happens, there is the umbrella policy. It comes in and pays what’s left over. Umbrella policies have very high maximums. That allows them to pay for costly accidents so you don’t have to. 

Get Umbrella Insurance 

Call us today at The Insurance Shop USA in Sandpoint, ID to get started with an umbrella policy. We can tell you more about umbrella insurance and get you started.