How to Keep Your Car Clean

Your car is often one of the first things that new friends and co-workers notice about you.  For that reason, it’s just as important to keep it clean as it is to keep your home clean.  If you’re short on time, however, that can be hard to do.  Follow these tips to keep your car looking great.

  1. Collect trash regularly.  Make it a habit to collect a bag of trash every time you’re in a drive-through line or waiting to pick the kids up from school.  Make it a game among the kids; whoever fills a trash bad first wins a small prize (or just gets to pick the radio station that day).
  2. Never leave your car empty-handed.  Every time you get out of the car, make sure you’re taking something else out of it.  This can really reduce the clutter that tends to accumulate.  Make sure to get your kids on board, especially if they tend to leave school papers and sporting equipment in your vehicle.
  3. Keep car cleaning wipes in your car.  These are easy to store and they make it easy to clean all kinds of messes.  Look for upholstery wipes to immediately wipe up any spilled liquids.  Also keep glass wipes on hand to quickly remove anything that gets on windows and the windshield (this is also a good safety tip).

After taking such good care of your car, you want to make sure that you have a good auto insurance policy to protect it as well.  Call the agents at The Insurance Shop USA to find an affordable policy that will give you the protection you need.

Rental Car Options in Sandypoint, Indiana

Located in the heart of Idaho, Sandypoint allows it’s residents to lake Pend Orielle and all the beautiful surrounding rocky mountain wildlife the state has to offer. So visiting friends and family will probably want a car to drive, to explore the countryside themselves, so they aren’t relying on you to drive them around. Below are some rental car options in Sandypoint, Idaho, all with different pros and cons.


Renting a car at the airport or a local car rental place near Sandypoint is probably the simplest option, but can be expensive. Sure, they can rent a car for a low day rate, but they will have to turn down the insurance on the vehicle.  This is usually a bad idea in general, due to the winding mountain roads in this part of Idaho. The inclement weather can be hazardous and dangerous to drive in and the wildlife that could always dart out in front of them. Accidents in a rental car without coverage can be quite expensive and then there’s the tacked on the cost of gas, to boot.


A taxi or a private driver is another option though this is undoubtedly the most expensive way to get around Sandypoint, Idaho, as they’ll be hiring not only the car but the driver. That said, they won’t be directly paying for gas or having to worry about getting into an accident, so it may be the best way to get around the area if they can afford it.


Allowing friends and family to borrow your car may be best for your visitors as it’s probably the cheapest and most efficient. However, it could put you in a problematic situation if they happen to have an accident, as your auto insurance may not cover them and you will suddenly be at fault for allowing them to drive. So check your auto insurance policy and consider getting a new one through The Insurance Shop USA, who serves the Sandypoint, Idaho area to make sure visitors borrowing your vehicle will be covered.