Umbrella Insurance doesn’t just keep out the rain — The Insurance Shop USA – Blog Order – October 2017

Umbrella Insurance doesn’t just keep out the rain, it’s not a fancy parasol or sunshade and you won’t hear Rihanna singing about it. But you can view it as your protective gadget. It function is to protect your assets from an event that you can’t anticipate occurring.

What Umbrella means in this instance is:  comprehensive, inclusive or  overall.

There are some advantages to having an Umbrella Insurance Policy.

1- It’s liability insurance that supplements your basic policies.
2- It can combine or enhance your auto, renters, or home insurance.
3- It often covers a higher limit than a standard policy.
4- If a lawsuit is filed against you, your coverage will cover those damages up to the policy limit if you are legally responsible.
5- Often we don’t realize that we have many assets that can be jeopardized in a lawsuit such as:

  • investments and retirement accounts
  • cars
  • house
  • checking and savings accounts
  • future income

There are difference kinds of coverage for different lifestyle situations, each have different applications and ramifications. In a business for example, there may be a tax deductible for to the insurance. When considering an umbrella policy coverage limits there are several factors you must consider:

  •     The risks you may face.
  •     The value of your assets.
  •     The potential loss of future income

In an uncertain world, you need protection for the unseen.  You need to look at all the factors and choose an umbrella insurance that’s right for you. Contact The Insurance Shop USA to see how you can create an umbrella in your life.


Reasons to Get Wedding Insurance

Your wedding is a very special day. You’ve spent a great deal of time planning, and you’ve probably invested a ton of money. When you’re preparing to walk down the aisle, certain unforeseen circumstances may arise that’ll cost you. However, with wedding insurance from The Insurance Shop USA, serving Sandypoint, ID and the surrounding area, you have the security of knowing your wedding will happen, even if you don’t have any additional money to invest in the big day.

1. Wedding Postponement

Let’s say your mother or father gets injured or becomes ill right before your big day, or the best man’s plane is delayed. You may find it necessary to reschedule the wedding for a different day, so the person is able to spend it with you. This could cost you a large sum to reschedule your big day. Let’s say you plan a fabulous outdoor wedding on the beach, but a hurricane is heading toward the site of your wedding. You can’t have your dream wedding with a torrential down pour of rain and high gusts of wind that’ll blow your decorations around and the bride’s dress up. The insurance will cover the expense of having to reschedule, so you can try again for nice weather on your special day. 

2. Damaged Clothing

Let’s say the bride catches her dress in the car door and tears it before the ceremony, or maybe the groom takes a nibble of something prior to the wedding and slops it down the front of him. The insurance may cover the expense to replace the bride’s dress or the groom’s shirt. 

3. Property Damage 

Let’s say one of your wedding guests do damage to something at your wedding venue. You’ll be held responsible, but wedding insurance may cover the expense. 

Before you make that special someone your forever, contact The Insurance Shop USA, serving Sandypoint, ID and the surrounding area, for wedding insurance by calling 208-263-0888.