In Sandypoint, ID Does an Excessive Amount of Tickets Require a Safe Driving Course?

The agents of the Insurance Shop USA serve residents in the Sandypoint, ID area. Individuals who have an excessive number of traffic tickets and driving violations may experience a higher insurance rate than those who have an unblemished driving record. Many insurance companies will offer discounts on their premiums to clients who go over and above when it comes to trying to improve their driving skills. One of the ways a person can lower their total insurance cost is to attend a defensive driving class. 

Defensive driving classes are offered by many different companies. The classes can be found online or at driving schools across the country. While most of the students who sign up for the classes are young people or those who have never had a driver’s license, people who want to improve their driving record can take the class and turn their results into their insurance companies. In Idaho, insurance companies cannot force a person to take the class, but they can offer price incentives to individuals who do. The class offers a variety of information that a driver may not remember or might not have learned the first time they took their test.

Sandypoint, ID residents can contact the agents of the Insurance Shop USA for any questions they may have about insurance discounts and what can be done to reduce insurance premiums after a person receives a ticket or is involved in an accident. The agents are extremely knowledgeable and can help their clients find the best way to handle a difficult situation. Contact a local agent to find out if there are discounts available that will help you to lower your insurance premiums. 

Is Your Home Underinsured?

Mortgage lenders generally insist that you have a homeowners policy to protect their investment in the event of a loss. While Idaho doesn’t require people to purchase insurance, it’s wise for every homeowner to have protection. Knowing how much and what type of policy to take out can be complicated. That’s why at The Insurance Shop USA, our professionals are ready to help members of the Sandypoint ID community select a policy that meets your needs. We’ll work to answer your questions and help you avoid being underinsured.

Home Replacement Costs

One of the more common errors homeowners make is confusing property value and replacement costs. Although it appears there should be some connection, they are separate issues. Property values may rise and fall with the Real Estate market’s supply and demand. Think about the home prices before and after the housing crash. That difference was not a reflection of home construction costs.

How much it costs to build or rebuild a structure is determined by factors that include the price of labor, materials, permitting, building and fire codes, among others. If you have an older home, it may have deprecated in some ways. Other properties include custom era design and high-end materials that are not easy find. They can be expensive to replace. The point is that you should evaluate your home based upon what it would take to rebuild in the event of a total loss.

Today’s replacement costs run about $150 per square foot. If you have detailed woodworking and custom design features, restoration could be higher. Additional expenses could include razing, debris removal, meeting new building codes and permitting.

It’s important that you have sufficient homeowners coverage in the event of a total loss. The Insurance Shop USA is committed to serving the good people of Sandypoint ID. Our insurance professionals are here to listen and help create a policy or update an existing one that provides you with the secure coverage you deserve.

Cleaning the Wheels and Tires On Your Car

When it comes to making sure your car stays on the road for as long as possible, it is of the utmost importance that you take proper care of the wheels and tires on it. From rotating the tires every so often to cleaning them, there are several tips you can follow to extend the longevity of your wheels and tires, which means less money out of your pocket for replacing them. Here’s a quick look at three of the best tips you can follow for cleaning the wheels and tires on your car. 

1) They need to be cleaned weekly

You don’t have to get out a scrub brush and put a lot of elbow grease into cleaning your tires and wheels every week, but you should at least spray them off. In doing this, you will help extend their use, meaning you will get more mileage out of them. Whether it be taking your car through a car wash or spraying off the tires and wheels with a water hose in your driveway, a quick rinsing once a week will do wonders. 

2) Clean the wheels really good once a month

Build up from your brake pads can make your wheels look very dirty. Unfortunately, getting off this brake dust will require that you put a little elbow grease into cleaning them. With that being said, you should clean them really good at least once a month. 

3) Rotate the tires every so often

Another great tip for extending the use of your tires is to have them rotated at least every other time you get your oil changed. Rotating your tires helps ensure the tread wear on them is appropriately distributed. 

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