Commercial Insurance in Idaho

Business owners in Idaho have a lot to think about--especially when it comes to buying commercial insurance. Knowing that you need to purchase coverage is one thing, but actually making sure you have all your bases covered is entirely different.

The good news? Working with an independent agent Sandpoint, ID commercial insurance agent means there's someone on your side to compare quotes from dozens of different companies and help find the right coverage for your business and employees.

Idaho Commercial Auto Insurance

If your business uses any vehicles to carry products, employees, or equipment, you'll need to purchase auto insurance to protect those investments. If employees use personal vehicles for work-related tasks, you'll still need to purchase on-owned liability insurance to make sure they're covered.

Idaho Commercial General Liability Insurance (CGL)

General liability coverage is a must for any business, even if it's based out of your home. This type of insurance covers you if you're sued for causing personal injury or property damage to customers on your property or resulting from your products or services.

Idaho Commercial Property Insurance

Property insurance covers your business's building and property in case of vandalism, theft, or other damages. This is particularly important if you own your own building. Loss-of-business insurance is an optional add-on to this type of policy; it helps cover losses if you lose business or are forced to close temporarily as a result of theft or other property damages.

Idaho Workers Compensation

In Idaho, any business with one or more employees must provide workers compensation insurance. This type of insurance protects employers against being sued for employees' on-the-job injuries, while also providing wage loss coverage and medical coverage for employees injured on the job.

Idaho Business Owner Package (BOP)

A BOP essentially bundles all the necessary insurance coverages for a small business. Generally, BOPs streamline the insurance-buying process and save you money by bundling policies that would cost more if purchased individually.

Sandpoint, ID commercial insurance agents can talk to you about your business's specific needs, recommend coverage amounts, and get you quotes from multiple companies to help you find the best deal, whether that means bundling services in a BOP package or purchasing them individually. Just make sure to ask any questions you have about your policy (and know exactly what it does and doesn't cover) before you make your final decision; the time and effort is more than worth it.