Auto Insurance in Idaho

Searching for auto insurance isn't anyone's idea of a perfect afternoon. But with a few online quotes (and tips on saving more than you thought possible), it doesn't have to be too bad. So kick your feet up, grab a coffee, and prepare to enjoy the car insurance search more than ever before.

Tip 1: Talk to an independent agent.

Insurance agents aren't just middlemen out to get your money. As a matter of fact, they can often save you more than you could if you set out to search on your own. Because Sandpoint, ID auto insurance agents work with many different companies, a single stop (or a single web search) results in quotes from a wide variety of insurance companies, which makes it far easier to find the coverage you want at a great rate.

Tip 2: Compare coverage, not just price.

It's temptingly easy to go for the cheapest option you're quoted, without regard to what is and isn't covered. But purchasing Idaho minimum coverage isn't always enough to protect you from financial mayhem if something goes wrong. Consider purchasing uninsured motorist and collision coverage, at the very least, to make sure you're covered if you're involved in an accident.

Tip 3: Ask for discounts.

Sometimes your situation lends itself to more discounts than agents would know to automatically offer. Sometimes, insurance companies offer discounts to honor roll students, drivers who have taken a defensive-driving course, or those who don't put many miles on their vehicles. Independent Sandpoint, ID auto insurance agents will dig deeper for those discounts when they know a bit more about your situation.