Home Insurance in Idaho

1. Work with an independent agent

With some services, you can get better deals by going straight to the company in question. But cutting a middleman out of the insurance-buying process doesn't necessarily save you money. Independent Sandpoint, ID home insurance agents can get you quotes from dozens of companies in one stop, and they can often get you a better deal than you could find yourself.

An independent agency also knows the risks associated with your neighborhood, and they have the know-how to compare coverage options associated with those quotes. That means you spend less time sorting through paperwork and more time enjoying your new home.

2. Purchase enough coverage

The lowest quote isn't always the best deal. Make sure you have a recent appraisal of your home and any particularly valuable items you own so you can make sure they're covered. Some types of coverage (like earthquake and flood insurance) aren't ever covered by standard policies, so don't hesitate to ask and consider paying the slightly higher premiums associated with those extra coverage options.

3. Understand your policy before you sign on it

Insurance is complicated business, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't understand exactly what your policy does and doesn't cover before you decide to purchase. Ask questions, know what your deductibles are, and consider any exclusions associated with your policy. Taking the time to dig through those details now will pay off exponentially later on if you need to file a claim.