Should You Combine Your Auto Insurance Policies When You Get Married?

Conventional wisdom says that you should combine your automotive insurance with your spouse when you get married in Sandpoint, ID. This idea can work to your advantage by lowering the auto policy premiums from The Insurance Shop USA. When does and doesn’t it work?

Both Spouses Have Good Driving Records

If both drivers maintain good driving records, you can typically reduce your premiums by insuring both drivers and all vehicles on one policy. Neither individual should have DUIs, points lost on their license, or a poor credit rating.

One Spouse Has an Iffy or Bad Driving Record

Your premiums could increase if one driver has a poor driving record or DUIs. Avoid your partner finding out about DUIs or reckless driving through an insurance quote by talking about such things in advance. An impending marriage offers an opportunity to talk about many important topics, such as your life’s high and low points.

Both Spouses Have Poor Driving Records

If both spouses have poor driving records and lost points on their licenses, combining policies won’t help matters. Because neither person has a good driving record, your premiums either won’t change or will go up.

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The conventional wisdom of combining policies comes from assumed reduced risk. Married people typically behave more responsibly behind the wheel and otherwise, whether they reside in Sandpoint, ID, or the furthest reaches of the poles. Contact The Insurance Shop USA to learn about combining your auto insurance with your spouse. Let us help you save money.

What Is Wedding Insurance and Why Do You Need It?

When planning your big day, whether in Sandpoint, ID, or some far-off destination, the last thing you want is for disaster to strike. With the average wedding budget hanging around $20,000, you no doubt want to protect that investment. This is where wedding insurance comes in. Wedding insurance can provide financial protection should an unforeseen event befall your wedding day. Let’s look at what wedding insurance can reimburse you for below.

What Wedding Insurance Covers

Two main kinds of wedding insurance are available: liability and cancellation or postponement. Liability insurance can help pay for property damage or injuries that may occur during your ceremony or reception. Should you be forced to cancel or postpone your wedding due to a situation beyond your control, cancellation or postponement insurance will reimburse you.

In addition, there are riders that you can add to your policy for added protection. For instance, if you or your partner are active military and called to duty, a military service rider can cover the cost of rescheduling your wedding. Should the business you’re buying your gown or tuxedo from go out of business, leaving you without your clothes, there’s protection for that as well. You can even insure your honeymoon travel expenses in case you need to cancel due to illness or severe weather.

Protect Your Big Day With Help From The Insurance Shop USA

With so much money riding on your Sandpoint, ID wedding, purchasing wedding insurance is a no-brainer. There are countless providers out there that offer wedding insurance policies. If you need help finding the right plan for your situation, contact the team here at The Insurance Shop USA! Contact us today to learn more.