What Is an Umbrella Insurance Policy?

More Coverage

An umbrella insurance policy boosts other policies that you have to provide you with an umbrella of protection. If you think you need an umbrella policy, or you want to find out more about them, call us at The Insurance Shop USA in Sandpoint, ID to find out more about these helpful policies. 

Umbrella Insurance

For people who already have an auto policy and a homeowners’ policy in place, this type of coverage provides more coverage, over the maximum of those policies. The policy entails that the first insurance policy, either the home or the auto policy, has to pay out to its maximum coverage before the umbrella policy kicks in. When it does, it has a substantially larger maximum than either the home or auto policies. This allows for a much higher payout should the worst happen. 

Liability Coverage

The extra coverage that umbrella insurance gives to the insured is in the form of liability insurance. This covers accidents and other incidents that are judged to be the insured’s fault. It also provides liability coverage for other occasions that are not carried in homeowners’ policies. This allows you to get the payout you need when accidents happen instead of having to pay out of pocket for the liability portion. And, this type of insurance costs far less than it would cost to raise your liability maximums on your home and auto policies. 

Getting Umbrella Coverage

If you don’t want to pay far too much for extra liability coverage on your home and auto policies, call us at The Insurance Shop USA in Sandpoint, ID to make an appointment with an agent who can help you decide how much insurance you really need to keep your financial future safer. 

Top 5 Considerations When You’re Getting Wedding Insurance

If you’re planning your wedding, something you may overlook yet is extremely important is wedding insurance. There’s so much preparation that goes into a wedding, you don’t want to have yet another thing to worry about when it comes to losses and damage. An agent from The Insurance Shop USA of Sandpoint, ID can assist you.

Here are some things to keep in mind when getting this insurance.

Do Your Research and Ask Around

Do you have a family member, friend, co-worker, or neighbor who recently got married and used wedding insurance? If so, you’ll want to get their opinions on different companies as well as recommendations.

In addition, it’s a good idea to check out review websites to get more information about the companies you have in mind for wedding insurance. In most cases, they’ll have endorsements from brides/grooms as well as from reception venues.

What Type of Insurance Do You Need?

There are a few different policy types under wedding insurance. This includes wedding liability and wedding cancelation policies. You’ll want to make sure you can get both Liability or Cancelation individually or together as a package if the company offers this option.

Insurance Isn’t Just for High-End Weddings

Don’t avoid getting insurance for your wedding just because you’re not spending much on it. Whether your wedding costs $10,000 or $100,000, you’ll want protection in place if someone is injured or if you end up needing to cancel it.

Optimal Levels of Coverage

It’s important that you have coverage for a wide range of accidents and issues. Consider the specific risk factors involved (weather, if you’re hiring multiple vendors such as photographers and a catering company, etc.) and explain this to your insurance agent. Examples of scenarios that are covered include theft of your gifts at the reception, severe weather events such as hurricanes, lost or damaged photographs, wedding relocation, and sickness and injuries keeping key wedding participants from being there.

Understand the Terms and Ask Questions

If you’re confused about some of the language in your policy documents or offerings from the insurance company, take the time to ask your agent. It helps to understand everything fully and avoid the headache later on if you expect something to be covered and it isn’t, or the coverage limits are different than you assumed.

Reach out to us at The Insurance Shop USA of the Sandpoint, ID area with your questions and concerns. We’ll help you get the best possible wedding insurance to put your mind at ease so you can enjoy this special time.

How does boat insurance protect someone?

In the Sandpoint, ID area, the warm weather during the summer and fall months can make it a great place to own a boat. When you have a boat here, you will always have a way to enjoy all of the amazing recreational options in the area. If you do get a boat here, you also need to make sure that you get into the right insurance policy. A boat insurance policy can protect someone in a number of ways.

Insurance Will Provide Liability Protection

While operating a boat in this area is generally a safe activity, accidents do happen. Even if you are a safe boat operator, there is a chance that you could cause an accident while you are using it. If this does occur, you will have to pay for damages that are caused. When you get a boat insurance policy, you will receive the protection and support that you need to offset this risk.

Insurance Protects Assets

Beyond receiving liability protection, you will also receive coverage for your boat. Buying a boat or other watercraft will take considerable investment and it is very important that you protect this as well as you can. If you do get a boat insurance policy, it will give you the coverage that is needed to repair or replace your boat if it is stolen or damaged. 

Overall, getting boat insurance in the Sandpoint, ID area is a good idea for anyone that owns a boat. If you are a boat owner here, you should call The Insurance Shop USA. The team at The Insurance Shop USA knows how important it is that you get this insurance. If you do get this type of insurance protection it can give you the support that you need to protect you and your asset.