Different Types of Commercial Insurance in Sandpoint, ID

You deal with insurance on a consistent basis in your personal life, and you don't stop dealing with many types of insurance simply because you're running a business. In fact, in the business world you're going to be dealing with more types of insurance than in your day to day home life.

One of the reasons for that is many businesses have different areas at financial risk. For example, if your business owns commercial vehicles, fleet insurance or commercial vehicle insurance is a necessity. If you have a large manufacturing plant that's dependent on your equipment properly working, and one of the essential pieces breaks, loss of use insurance helps keep your company afloat until you get a replacement in.

Liability commercial insurance protects your business against lawsuits that involve your business liability in a situation, such as if a customer hurts themselves on your property. A similar insurance option to this, which is mandatory if you have employees, is workers compensation. This provides a payout to employees who are hurt in the course of their work.

Data breach insurance is an up and coming insurance type that handles data security issues. If you experience a hacker problem and lose sensitive customer information, it's essential to have this insurance in place so your business is not brought under by the resulting lawsuits. Cyber-attacks are becoming more and more commonplace, so this type of insurance is becoming essential for many companies.

Talk to us to understand what your options are with commercial insurance in the Sandpoint, Idaho area. Whether you're a home based business or a massive international corporation, we have something to help you with all of your needs.

Auto Insurance Coverage in Hayden, ID

Each state has their own minimum levels of auto insurance that drivers are required to maintain. Many drivers in Idaho, however, find that the state minimums do not provide them with all of the protection they would like. If you are concerned that the state minimums might leave you unprotected, consider talking with one of our local agents to review your specific situation.

Select Your Level of Coverage Wisely

You should not select a level of coverage simply because it is the bare minimum, and therefore is the cheapest. Nor should you pick the highest level of coverage, simply because it provides the greatest protection. Coverage should be selected only after reviewing the assets you own and the amount of risk you are willing to assume. Only once these have been considered can you wisely choose the coverage that is best for you.

Work with a Local Agent

Our agents can help you assess your personal level of risk and determine what level of coverage you are comfortable with. They will review the value of all your possessions, since everything you own may be jeopardized in a lawsuit. They will also go over various scenarios where you might be held responsible, so you can understand when each type of coverage comes into play. Because they live and work in Hayden, ID, they can go over real-life scenarios that might happen to you.

To make sure you have an appropriate level of auto insurance coverage, call one of our agents today. It may take more than 15 minutes, but they will take an in-depth look at your situation and help you choose what is best for you. It is not always about saving a few dimes on premiums; sometimes making sure you can sleep well at night knowing you are protected is more important.