What Wedding Insurance Protects

Planning your wedding in Sandpoint, ID consists of finding the perfect location, flowers, dress, tuxedos, music, cake, caterers for the reception and so much more. The Insurance Shop USA can help with something you might not have thought of – wedding insurance.

Wedding insurance covers many unforeseen events that could ruin your happy day and your finances. With an average cost of $33,900, a wedding represents one of the largest investments you make outside of purchasing a home or financing college. Your car probably costs less than you will spend on your wedding.

Types of Wedding Insurance
There are two types of wedding policy – cancellation and liability. You need both policies.
Cancellation Insurance: This policy reimburses you the non-refundable fees you get charged if you must postpone or cancel the wedding for a named peril or cause. The cancellation policy also covers no-show vendors or those who go out of business. This pays you back what you already paid if the wedding photographer you hired went out of business the week before your wedding or the caterer fails to show up. Other typical named perils include the death or sudden illness of a family member or either of the engaged, severe weather, fire, military deployment, earthquake, or a venue that goes bankrupt.

Liability Insurance: This policy covers you for serving alcoholic beverages at your reception. It also provides coverage for bodily injury or property damage occurring at the wedding. If your elderly aunt slips and falls while dancing and breaks her ankle, this policy covers her medical bills and pays settlement costs if she sues.

Who Can Use Wedding Insurance

Wedding insurance applies to all types of weddings and couples. Whether a wedding consists of a traditional female bride and a male groom, a same-sex couple, or a gender non-conforming couple, wedding insurance covers each type of union the same way.

The basic insurance covers only the wedding. You add coverage to also cover the showers, luncheons, bachelor and bachelorette parties, and rehearsal dinner.

Contact The Insurance Shop USA serving Sandpoint, ID for more information on wedding insurance. You can protect your big day and your major investment with a wedding policy. Let us help.

Does your auto insurance cover a rental vehicle

Everybody loves the thought of heading out on vacation. You find a destination you want to visit and make your reservations. If you fly to get there, you will likely need a rental car. As you approach the rental counter the associates will have lots of paperwork for you and they will ask you if you want to take their insurance. If you booked online and prefilled the paperwork you were asked the question then, "Do you want insurance". The offered insurance is not just one level, it is several different levels. It can significantly increase the cost of your rental car. 

If your agent is The Insurance Shop USA in Sandpoint, ID the first thing you should do when you’re going to rent a car is call them and ask if your coverage will protect the rental car. They will give you the answers you need. If you have an older car and don’t carry collision and comprehensive auto insurance you have to get that coverage another way.  One option is your credit card. Some credit cards offer rental car insurance as one of their perks. 

If you have a newer car and have collision and comprehensive coverage you probably have enough coverage to protect your rental car. It is always a good idea to check your policy limits to make sure that your insurance has enough coverage for a new car and that the liability limit is what they should be. If you have any questions and just don’t want to get your insurance involved, pay the extra and get the rental car insurance. It cost more but it offers peace of mind. 

When you have questions about your auto coverage or if you are looking to find a new carrier, The Insurance Shop USA in Sandpoint, ID is here to help. Call our office or drop by and let us give you a no-obligation quote.