Am I Liable In A Collision?

Sandpoint, Idaho is located in the northern part of the state. There are many neighborhoods and communities found within the 83864 ZIP code and many families call this area home. Various things to do exist, including outdoor recreation through the city’s park system.

When you call this part of Idaho home, it’s important to understand how automobile insurance is going to protect you. The last thing you want to do is pay for all of the repairs and expenses out of pocket and that’s why the state requires everyone to have insurance if they are going to be on the roads.

When there is a collision, you may be liable. It all depends on who was the one responsible for the accident taking place. If you caused the collision, then you are going to be the one liable for everything – personal injury, property damage, and anything else.

Your automobile insurance policy in 83864 is going to cover you, at least in part. There are minimum requirements in Idaho that you must maintain. You can choose to go above and beyond these liability limits, however. We have agents who can assist you with determining the level of liability coverage that you should have on your policy based upon accidents in the area as well as your own driving record.

Regardless of how safe of a driver you are, a collision can happen and you could be held liable for all of the damages. If your insurance policy doesn’t have the full level of coverage based upon the cost of the accident, you could be responsible for the remaining amount out of pocket – and that could be enough to bankrupt you.

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Does Your Commercial Insurance Policy Cover Theft in Sandpoint, Idaho?

As a business owner in Sandpoint, ID, you are likely well aware of the risks involved in owning and operating a business. In order to protect your company, it is crucial that you take the time to obtain appropriate commercial insurance. However, with so many options available, it can be hard to determine which policy is best for you and your business. Commercial insurance is definitely a must, but it is important to look at what the policy covers before signing up.

Is Theft a Covered Item?

Because theft is common for commercial businesses, it is important that it is a covered item in your business insurance policy. Under most circumstances, theft of goofs or other company property is covered. However, this can still vary from policy to policy. As a general rule, the insurance company will pay for any income loss that occurred as a direct result of the particular theft. If a window or door was broken in order for the criminal to enter your place of business, the repairs are generally covered as well.

You May Want to Consider Additional Coverage

Although the basic commercial insurance policy will probably provide you with enough coverage in the event that a theft does occur, you may want to consider adding additional coverage just in case. Depending on how serious the theft was, your policy may limit the amount of money that they will pay to you. This could cause you to be unable to replace all the equipment and goods that were stolen.

Ultimately, when it comes to your business in Sandpoint, ID, you need to take the time to speak to one of our independent agents. We are here to help you find the most appropriate plan that will match your particular needs. Don't let a theft bring your business down, give our commercial insurance agents a call today!