Exploring Boat Insurance-What Does it Cover?

Following close behind routine maintenance, boat insurance is one of the most important factors of owning a boat. Regardless of the type of boat Sandpoint, ID boat owners should not think about using their boat without having some type of boat insurance. The insurance will protect you, your passengers and the boat as well as provide you with peace of mind each and every time it’s launched. Boat insurance is available from a wide variety of sources, including The Insurance Shop USA. Many insurance companies that offer auto and home insurance also insure boats. Although the type of policy you need is dependent on the type of boat you own, here is some brief information about what the policy may cover.

Damages to the Boat

The insurance for your boat is similar to your automobile insurance. A basic policy will cover various forms of physical damage to the boat itself and from a variety of different causes. For instance, depending on the specific type of policy you have coverage for damages may include vandalism, defect in craftsmanship and acts of God, such as a natural disaster. In many situations, the boat trailer is also covered, but it’s important to check with the insurance provider to make sure.

Uninsured Boats

Just like your auto insurance, the type of coverage you choose to carry may also cover any damages to your boat that is caused by another boat that is uninsured. For instance, if you are docked and another boat cause’s damage to your boat while the captain is attempting to dock it, but the other boat does not have insurance, your policy may cover the damages to your vessel.

Passenger Injuries

Although safety is the first priority, accidents do happen. If a passenger on your boat is injured, your boat insurance may cover the cost of their injuries. This type of coverage is often valid whether your boat is docked or you are out on the water. It is important to ensure that your policy includes this type of coverage, as some policies may require this to be an addition.

Residents of Sandpoint, ID who want to learn more information about boat insurance or are interested in updating their current policy should contact The Insurance Shop USA.

3 reasons why you should have a personal umbrella policy

Umbrella insurance is not just for business owners, there a variety of different reasons why it also makes sense to hold personally.  High net worth residents in the greater Sandpoint, ID area are beginning to add umbrella policies to their personal insurance portfolios. If you are wondering if this is the right move for you too, contact the team at The Insurance Shop USA today and find out more. 

3 reasons why you should have a personal umbrella policy

The main reason why you need a personal umbrella policy is to protect you if your primary policy limits are ever met. Many people do not realize that once their policy limit is met they become liable for any loss exceeding that amount.

A second reason to add a personal umbrella policy to your portfolio is that as a high net worth individual or family, you can become a target for dishonest people who file frivolous or false lawsuits. While justice does often prevail in such cases, it can be slow moving and expensive to get to the end of the legal process.

Finally, you have worked hard to amass your holdings and it is important to protect all of your hard work and dedication. One accident or lawsuit can mean a serious change in your family’s fortunes. It makes sense to have the protection in place to shield you from such instances. 

If you are in the greater Sandpoint, ID area and are looking for an effective way to protect you and your family’s financial health it’s time to find out more about umbrella insurance. Contact the professional agents at The Insurance Shop USA today and find out how we can help you find the appropriate policy for your needs.