Why Wedding Insurance Can be Useful in Sandpoint, ID

A wedding may be one of the most special days of anyone’s life, but very few are preoccupied with insurance coverage. A small scale wedding may not have many costs or risks, but a large wedding is another story. Since there are so many expenses on the line, many couples will choose to take out an insurance policy. If you are planning a big wedding in the Sandpoint, ID area, consider consulting with The Insurance Shop USA.

What is the Point of Wedding Insurance?

Wedding insurance is designed to protect those attending the wedding from unforeseen disasters. This can include accidents or last-minute changes to the event. The insurance policy will include exactly what is covered and the conditions.

What is typically covered?

Canceled Events: If there is extreme weather affecting an outdoor event, that is a perfect example of what is covered. Bad weather can have expenses like losing the deposit at a venue, additional hotel costs, or transportation costs.

Injuries: Accidents can happen at even the calmest of weddings. The costs associated with the injury or changed plans may be covered to a certain extent.

Liability: Thereis a certain legal liability when hosting at certain venues that do not provide liability coverage.

Unfulfilled Services: If caterers or other service providers do not show up, the last minute costs may be included in the policy.

Keep in mind, canceling a wedding due to a couple with cold feet is not likely covered under a policy. To get a good idea of wedding insurance pricing in the Sandpoint, ID area, consider giving The Insurance Shop USA a call.


Can I Add Umbrella Insurance to an Existing Policy?

If you have a current homeowner’s or auto insurance policy in Sandpoint, ID, that’s great. But in a situation where someone is injured on your property or another unfortunate accident, will the coverage be enough?

This is a question that many people ask the team at The Insurance Shop USA every day. The answer isn’t so simple. Because, in reality, it will depend on a number of factors whether or not your existing coverage is enough to handle the damages and injuries that occur. 

Understanding Umbrella Insurance 

This is when an umbrella insurance policy can be invaluable. This insurance is designed to provide a cushion for your existing policy by adding more protection. These policies are usually more affordable than traditional policies and provide an additional layer of peace of mind that if an accident or issue occurs, you will be covered, and you won’t have to cover any of the damages or injuries out of your own pocket. 

Buying Umbrella Insurance 

If you are ready to invest in umbrella insurance, it doesn’t mean you have to buy completely new coverage. You can add this type of policy to your existing policy. Doing this will help provide more protection, regardless of your situation or the incident that occurs. 

If you are ready to make this purchase, then you should ask your existing insurance provider about bundling policies, compare quotes and find a reputable agent to work with. This will ensure that you get the very best deal on this type of coverage. 

If you need help purchasing this type of coverage, feel free to reach out to The Insurance Shop USA serving Sandpoint, ID. They will be able to answer any questions you have and ensure you get the policy that you want and need for added protection.