Should Landlords Have Umbrella Insurance?

Landlords often have insurance questions. After all, allowing somebody to use a space that you own can be complicated. It is for this reason that many landlords should have umbrella insurance.

The Insurance Shop USA provides answers for landlords in Sandpoint, ID. These are some of the ways umbrella insurance may help landlords.

Umbrella Insurance for Communal Areas

Perhaps you own a duplex that has a common area for residents. If this common area becomes damaged or causes an injury to somebody else, umbrella insurance may provide protection for this specific area not covered by renter’s insurance.

Umbrella Insurance for Tenant Damage

Perhaps you rented to somebody who punched several holes in the walls or who damaged the appliances you offered. If tenants cause damage to your rental unit, there is no guarantee that another policy will cover it. You can protect your own property and ensure the damage is covered with an umbrella insurance policy.

Umbrella Insurance for Break-Ins

Somebody could break into your house when you have no tenants. They can cause a lot of damage, even if there is little to steal inside. This means that you need to have an insurance policy to cover the damage involved.

Umbrella Insurance for Privacy Lawsuits

In some cases, tenants accuse their landlords of overstepping boundaries. Even if you are completely innocent of breaching privacy stipulations, it is helpful to have some protection in the form of an insurance policy.

Landlords Can Get Insurance Answers

The Insurance Shop USA provides assistance for many landlords in Sandpoint, ID. Contact an insurance agent today to learn more about umbrella insurance policies that could protect your assets.

4 Boat Insurance Add-ons to Consider

Boating is fun. But whether it’s a quiet fishing day or a family day, you need peace of mind to enjoy your boat to the fullest. And that peace of mind comes knowing your boat has adequate protection from boat insurance.

Typical boat insurance coverages include property, liability, medical, and uninsured coverages. But do you know there are “riders” or “add-ons” you can consider to enjoy your boat to the maximum? Yes, if you are Sandpoint, ID, The Insurance Shop USA has prepared weight add-ons you can consider for your boat insurance policy. These include:

  • Specialized coverage: This policy covers something specific on the boat, like gadgets, those expensive accessories like props, fancy coolers, or fishing equipment. Specialized coverage is available to increase your personal property limits.
  • Mechanical breakdown coverage: The coverage foots the cost of replacing or repairing your outboard motor as long as it’s not as a result of wear and tear.
  • Salvage: Sometimes, your boat may become disabled, and towing may not help. At this point, you may need a salvage firm to recover it. Basically, in such scenarios, you pay a certain percentage of the value of your boat to the salvage company for recovery. Going this route is costly, but salvage coverage covers you if your boat needs recovery services.
  • Umbrella insurance: Umbrella insurance acts as that extra liability insurance. It comes in when your boat liability insurance coverage gets depleted due to major claims. Investing in umbrella insurance is crucial as it protects your assets as well as your future income.

Boat insurance in Sandpoint, ID

Since your boat doesn’t come cheap, it needs adequate protection. Boat insurance add-ons will give you that adequate protection. If you are in Sandpoint, ID and its environs, please contact The Insurance Shop USA for an affordable boat insurance policy.  We will help you sail through with great peace of mind.