Umbrella Insurance and its many Uses

Umbrella insurance is a kind of coverage that can affect total coverage for your home, cars, and other assets. This can be very helpful for people who experience significant losses due to an accident or disaster, beyond what a standard policy would protect. Umbrella insurance often includes different kinds of coverage against accidents that can protect against various kinds of civil lawsuits. This can be very beneficial for business owners or other high profile individuals who have greater exposure due to their net worth or number of transactions. The state of Idaho also recommends that businesses dealing with high-risk activities may want to look into umbrella insurance. There are also limitations on umbrella policies which may prevent policyholders from receiving additional protections if their business fails, work contracts are not paid, or their personal property is lost. Because this is a more complex type of insurance reserved for those who think they may be subject to higher losses, it is important to discuss the specifics with a knowledgeable insurance professional in the Sandpoint, ID area.  

Those who suspect that the standard insurance policies may not cover large enough amounts for additional damages or lawsuits may want to look into an umbrella policy to provide more comprehensive coverage. Please contact The Insurance Shop USA to learn more about umbrella insurance, how it benefits you, and reasons why you may need coverage to protect various kinds of assets. Our agency serves Sandpoint, ID and surrounding areas with plans that cater to the needs of the local community. Visit The Insurance Shop USA website for contact information and give us a call when it is convenient for you.  

Do I Need Boat Insurance?

When it comes to owning a boat or watercraft you need to know the water laws and requirements for the vehicle. In the state of Idaho you do not need to have boat insurance, but this doesn’t mean you should. In many cases, it is far better to have boating insurance than to avoid it. If you own your boat in or around Sandpoint, ID The Insurance Shop USA is here to help you find the right boating insurance for your vessel. 

Some Marinas Require Boat Insurance

While the state may not require boat insurance some marinas and docks do require it. So unless you want to limit yourself to where you can take your boat and where you can dock, it is a better idea to invest in boating insurance, no matter what kind of vessel you own. 

When Does Boat Insurance Cover You

Boat insurance doesn’t just cover you when you’re out on the water. It also protects you when you are towing the boat to the final destination or when it is in storage. In fact, your boat is more likely to be damaged during prolonged storage or when in transit than when on the water. Due to this, it is important for you to protect your investment. You don’t want to be forced to pay for all damages and repairs out of pocket. 

No matter what kind of vessel you own it is important for you to protect it with boating insurance. This boat insurance doesn’t just protect it when it is in water but when it is in transit or in storage. So whether you live in Sandpoint, ID or in the surrounding area, The Insurance Shop USA is here to help you find the right boating insurance for your vessel.