Seek Adequate Protection for Your Wedding Ceremony

Wedding insurance will protect against unforeseen events that could delay or cancel your wedding ceremony. Learn how this type of coverage could benefit you. Then, conduct a wedding ceremony assessment to assist with preparing your insurance policy.

Wedding Issues

  • Extreme weather
  • Sicknesses
  • Venue cancelations
  • Food shortages
  • Inventory mistakes or shortages
  • Transportation issues
  • Clothing damage
  • Personal possession theft


Wedding insurance provides coverage for all the uncertainties that could be faced leading up to your wedding day. This coverage also protects against unforeseen events that occur during your wedding ceremony and reception.

If your wedding needs to be postponed due to no fault of your own, your coverage will ensure that you can reschedule your ceremony without being liable for additional costs.

If damage or theft occurs during your wedding ceremony, the coverage will handle the costs associated with the incident that you experience.

Considerations to Make

Keeping records of the items you need for your wedding will be helpful. Your records should include a list of all the items you will be responsible for supplying. If you purchase items through several vendors, you should review each contract you are furnished with.

If you are responsible for materials that will be set up at the venue where your wedding will be hosted, you will benefit from insuring them.

Assisting with Insurance!

Our agents who serve Sandpoint, ID can assist you with any wedding insurance concerns you have. After you contact one of our Selkirk Insurance Services agents, provide them with details about your proposed wedding ceremony. The agent will offer suggestions to provide you with the wedding insurance protection you need.

The Importance of Keeping Your Auto Insurance Up-to-Date

Like most drivers, if you find yourself driving frequently, it’s essential to be prepared for potential incidents. According to statistics from the Federal Highway Administration and the US Department of Transportation, the average person drives more than 13,000 miles annually. This equates to numerous trips and significant travel, increasing the chances of accidents occurring. Fortunately, we don’t need to travel less to stay safe; we can feel secure with each mile we drive by ensuring we have the right insurance solutions. This is why individuals from all over the Sandpoint, ID region choose Selkirk Insurance Services for their auto insurance requirements, relying on our professional and friendly agents.

Maintaining Current Auto Insurance is Crucial

Having the appropriate auto insurance protection is necessary for various reasons. However, keeping your policy current and accurate is equally important. Have you relocated recently? Are you driving fewer miles now than at the start of your policy a few years ago? Is someone else now occasionally operating your vehicle? All of these circumstances would warrant adjustments to your policy, and alterations, like reductions in mileage, could result in financial savings. Therefore, ensure your policy is up-to-date and make routine visits to your insurance agent to guarantee you have the necessary protection should you ever require it.

Serving All Your Auto Insurance Needs in Sandpoint, ID

If you are a resident of Sandpoint, ID in need of auto insurance, have inquiries regarding auto insurance, or are simply browsing for rates, our trusted and professional team at Selkirk Insurance Services is here to assist you. Driving is a daily reality, and unfortunately, so are accidents. The answer lies in preparedness and protection provided by comprehensive auto insurance solutions. Contact us to discover more, and arrange an appointment today to ensure you’re protected every single mile of your journey.