Should a Teen Be Added to an Auto Insurance Policy After Getting Their Learning Permit or Driver’s License?

At The Insurance Shop USA, serving the greater Sandpoint, ID area, we know teenagers look forward to getting their driver’s permit and driver’s license. However, one of the biggest questions that parents have when they have a new teen driver is whether teenage drivers need to be added to an auto insurance policy after obtaining their permit or after obtaining their license. Read on to get the answer to this question. 

Should a Teen Be Added to an Auto Insurance Policy After Getting Their Learning Permit or Driver’s License?

In most cases, a teenager should be added to an auto insurance policy after obtaining their driver’s license. However, every auto insurance company is different, and some companies require you to add the teenager once they get their learner’s permit. You must contact your insurance company and ask them this question.  

The Importance of Contacting Your Insurance Company

It is essential to contact your insurance company to ensure your teen driver is covered. If the insurance company requires you to add a teenager when they get their permit, and you fail to do so, your teen will not be covered if they are involved in an accident. This can be a costly mistake, so simply calling and asking is your best course of action. 

Various insurance companies operate differently, so you may need to add your teen to your policy as soon as they get their permit, or you may be able to wait until they get their license. If you have a teen driver in your home and have questions about auto insurance in Sandpoint, ID, let the team at The Insurance Shop USA help you. Contact us today to learn more. 

Three things you should know about wedding insurance

Consumers planning a wedding may want to consider getting wedding insurance coverage. The Insurance Shop USA provides wedding insurance coverage in Sandpoint, ID. 

You should know three things if you’re interested in buying wedding insurance coverage. 

Wedding insurance compensates you in the event of changed plans due to illness.

One of the most significant benefits of carrying wedding insurance is enjoying coverage if a change of plans is due to illness. If the bride, groom, or anyone in the wedding party becomes ill, wedding insurance provides compensation for the costs of rescheduling the ceremony. 

Wedding insurance covers liability expenses that result from an injury during a wedding.

When you host a wedding, you could potentially be held liable for any medical costs that result from an injury at the ceremony or reception.

Wedding insurance policies typically include liability coverage that will cover the costs of medical care that is necessary due to an injury that a guest experiences at the wedding. Carrying liability coverage can give you peace of mind and protect the guests at your wedding. 

Consumers should discuss insurance coverage with their vendors before purchasing a policy.

The amount of wedding insurance coverage you should carry depends partly on how much insurance coverage the vendors you have hired carry. That’s why discussing wedding insurance coverage with your vendors is important. 

You can use wedding insurance coverage to make up for any shortcoming in the insurance coverage that your vendors offer to protect yourself financially during your wedding. 

Contact us at The Insurance Shop USA if you want to learn more or get a quote on wedding insurance coverage in Sandpoint, ID.