Top Tips for Home Window Safety

Accidents can happen no matter where you are, but preventing them in your home is vital in order to keep your family safe from danger. You may have or need insurance in case an accident occurs. The agents at The Insurance Shop USA of Sandypoint, ID can help with your needs and offer some simple advice to improve the safety of your windows to prevent a disaster.

Easy Window Access

When you painted your home last year, did you make sure not to paint the windows shut? If a fire breaks out in your home, window access may be the only means for you and your family to escape. Check the windowpanes to make sure that they are not nailed down or painted shut. You don’t want to be stuck inside of a burning building with no way to exit.

Don’t Risk a Fall

When you have young children, you should keep your windows closed. It is dangerous for a child to play next to an open window. Falling from an open window can cause serious injury or even death. If you want to keep the windows open for cool air to circulate, open windows that children are unable to reach. You can also install window screens or safety latches that only allow the window to partially open.

Air Conditioner Safety

Air conditioners that are placed inside of windows are convenient for each room. When installing this type of air conditioner, be mindful of the living space. Make sure that there is more than one window in the room. If you need to escape, a large air conditioner will not be easy to remove. You should not have anything in your path if you need to leave your home quickly.

Giving you top tips to keep your home safe is part of our business. Visit us at The Insurance Shop USA. Get insurance information for Sandypoint, ID as well the surrounding communities.

5 Ways to Lower Homeowners Insurance Costs in 2017

As your property increases in value, you may experience an increase in the cost of home insurance to compensate for the higher cost of home replacement or repairs. There are measures you can take, however, to keep home insurance costs at affordable prices for the new year. Here are just a few.

Shop Around

Comparison shop online to get an idea of home insurance costs in your area and companies that offer good deals. Some companies offer discounts for customer loyalty, bundling, claim-free history, etc.

When selecting an insurer, however, be leery of compromising service for low home insurance price. Working with a reputable company like The Insurance Shop USA in Sandypoint, ID, ensures you receive quality service at affordable costs.  

Raise Your Deductible

Raising your deductible will lower the cost of your insurance premium. The higher your deductible, however, the more you pay out of pocket when filing a claim. Before increasing your deductible, make sure you are financially able to cover your end of repair costs.

Upgrade Home Structure

In some cases, you may qualify for lower insurance rates by making structural changes that improve the safety and function of your home such as replacing old windows, installing storm shutters or fortifying the roof. By discussing home improvements with your insurer in advance, you can see if they qualify you for a reduced premium.

Enhance Home Security

Putting in smoke detectors and a burglar alarm system could also help to reduce your insurance premium as these measures enhance protection against theft and fire.

Bundle Insurance Policies

By bundling home, auto and life insurance policies, you could save money on home insurance costs; many insurers offer incentives for taking out multiple policies with their company.

A good home insurance policy will adequately cover the replacement of your home and its contents. For quality home insurance options at affordable prices, visit The Insurance Shop USA in Sandypoint, ID.