5 Steps to Simplifying a Home Insurance Claim

Filing a home insurance claim need not be a complicated process. The following steps can help simplify the claims process and give you positive results.

Contact Your Insurer: The first step to filing a claim is to contact your insurer and notify him of your loss. If you have questions concerning coverage of your Sandpoint, ID home, now would be a good time to ask. Reviewing your policy with a representative from The Insurance Shop USA will refresh your memory concerning your coverage. Make sure you provide your agent with accurate contact info as well as details concerning your loss so a proper evaluation can be made.

Notify Police: If your loss was the result of a crime such as vandalism, theft, etc., be sure to notify your local police so a police report can be made to verify damages to your home or loss of property.

Take Photos of Damage: Take photos of property damage to verify your loss. If you have a home inventory, make sure your agent receives a copy along with receipts or photos of items that were damaged or stolen. If you need to make urgent repairs to avoid further property damage, keep accurate records of what you spend so you can be reimbursed by your insurer later on.

Work with your Insurance Adjuster: You will be visited by an insurance adjuster who will evaluate your claim and determine property damage and loss. At this time, you can discuss options for making repairs or replacing lost items. Working closely with your adjuster is key to moving your claim along.

Follow Up – Once a claim has been filed, follow up with your adjuster and contractor to ensure repairs are done right.

At the Insurance Shop USA, Sandpoint, ID, we make every effort to ensure claims are settled to customer satisfaction.

Distracted Driving Isn’t the Only Hazard of Cell Phone Use

It seems like the headlines are full of accidents where the driver was busy texting or checking an email on their phone while driving.  While this practice certainly poses a danger to the driver and others on the road, the Insurance Shop USA would like to remind Sandpoint, ID drivers that is not the only way a cell phone can cause a problem on the road.

Pedestrians are Texting Too!

More and more pedestrians across the country are walking down the sidewalk while staring down at their smartphones. They are tripping over garbage cans, falling into fountains and walking right out into traffic without ever looking up. The world is not just full of distracted drivers, it’s full of distracted people. Emergency rooms are treating more sprained ankles, twisted wrists, and even head injuries because nobody is actually looking where they are going.

Heads Up and Hands on the Wheel is Best

This means that in order to avoid an accident involving a pedestrian, it’ more important than ever to remain vigilant and stay focused on the task at hand. You’ll never see somebody cross against the light if you’re checking an email while in motion, or even while stopped waiting for the green light. By keeping your eyes pointed front and both hands on the wheel, you are driving defensive, instead of distracted.

The Insurance Shop USA reminds all the drivers that when riding around Sandpoint, ID, keep your cell phone locked up in the glove box or out of reach. If you need to use the phone while driving, invest in Bluetooth technology that allows you to dial a number with a simple voice command while your phone remains safely tucked out of sight and out of reach and avoid becoming just another statistic.