Religious Institute Insurance: For Your Clergy, Staff, and Parishioners

We pass by them every day, in every town, everywhere. Sometimes, these towering works of architectural wonder are testaments to the glory and reverence of the divine. Sometimes, these are quaint, beautiful, and pristine structures that are emblematic of the wonder, awe, and love of a humble King. Unfortunately, these religious institutions, like any other home, office, or establishment, are still subject to several risks. On the other side of the coin, however, religious leaders from in and around Sandpoint, ID can rely on religious institute insurance options from the caring team at Selkirk Insurance Services for protection from risks and unexpected events.

Protecting Your Religious Institution

Those who lead churches are members of religious institution boards, and others in the clergy always strive to care for their staff, other clergy members, and their beloved parishioners. That is also a big responsibility that religious institute insurance plans can help cover. 

Additionally, buildings of religious significance and worship are no less susceptible to events like theft, flooding, storm damage, or fires. These are among the few considerations the right insurance solutions for your religious institution can help protect. From large religious institutions to small church buildings, religious institute insurance can help restore stolen items, repairs, and more. 

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If you are a leader or belong to the leadership staff of a religious institute in or around Sandpoint, ID, and are considering insurance options that fit your needs, we can help. Our experienced and professional agents at Selkirk Insurance Services can help assess and protect your religious institution. Contact us to learn more and get the insurance solutions you need to protect your clergy, staff, parishioners, and religious institute today.

Insurance Coverage Guidelines for Farming Essentials

Seek adequate insurance coverage for the farmland that you recently purchased. Have an assessment of your property conducted first. The assessment will help you determine how much insurance is needed.


An insurance representative will assess your farmland, determining your risk level and whether any changes need to be made to the land or its existing structures.

Prepare your property before the assessment is conducted. Make sure that the insurance representative can access each area where they will be conducting the assessment. 

Land Assessment

The insurance representative will view the outdoor property. The drainage conditions and layout of the land will be assessed during this process.

The representative will consider whether soil erosion or flooding could be a concern. Notes may be taken during the assessment, which will pertain to the present condition of the farmland.


An assessment of your farming equipment will be done. Machinery, vehicles, and any other possessions used to operate your farm will also be inspected now.


The buildings that are on your land will be examined. The condition of the structural materials will be inspected. The representative will look for signs of damage. They will also determine if any of the structural materials are weak and at risk of becoming damaged in the future.

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You will be provided with the results at the end of the inspection process. These results will indicate if you need to make any repairs to your property.

Once your farmland is in adequate shape, contact one of our agents who represent Sandpoint, ID. A Selkirk Insurance Services agent will prepare your farming insurance documents.