Expecting the Unexpected: Why Wedding Insurance Matters

Weddings are expensive, and while the time leading up to the wedding is full of excitement and joy, it’s normal to feel stressed. Protecting your investment is critical, and here, we’ll take a look at how wedding insurance can help you rest assured that you’ll be in the clear if something goes wrong at the last minute. 


Many wedding insurance plans protect against the illness of the couple or the illness of their immediate family members (including their parents). Typically, policies only cover unexpected issues, not pre-existing conditions. 


If you’ve planned a gorgeous outdoor wedding that’s brought to a halt due to extreme weather conditions that prevent the couple, wedding party, immediate family, or the majority of guests from being unable to make it to the wedding, your wedding insurance policy will allow you to reschedule the wedding. An important note: many policies require that you pay for the policy in full at least two weeks before the wedding to be eligible to file weather-related claims.

Wedding Site Issues

Sometimes, unpredictable issues with the wedding site, such as a fire or a flood, require event postponement. Wedding event insurance will allow you to recoup your investment if unexpected conditions have caused your wedding site to no longer be available for your event. 

The Insurance Shop USA: Serving Sandpoint, ID Customers with Wedding Insurance Policies

You’re spending months, or even years, planning for your big day, and your investment and hard work must be protected. Reach out to The Insurance Shop USA, serving Sandpoint, ID, for more information about how we can help you relax and remember that you’re protected before your wedding day.