Can You Have More Than One Beneficiary on a Life Insurance Policy?

Life insurance coverage helps protect your beneficiaries from financial losses due to your passing. Although most people know that a life insurance policy requires a beneficiary, did you know they can have more than one beneficiary? To learn more about life insurance and name your beneficiaries, you can trust The Insurance Shop USA experts, proudly serving Sandpoint, ID.

Life Insurance Coverage

Securing life insurance policies helps protect individuals such as loved ones or business partners due to someone passing away unexpectedly. Although a beneficiary is necessary, two or more beneficiaries may be named on the policy. Insurance benefits can be used for household expenses, assistance with final costs, business operating expenses, and future needs. Contact one of our knowledgeable insurance agents to learn more about multiple beneficiaries for your life insurance policy.

We make choosing the ideal insurance policy hassle-free. Our licensed insurance agents can work one-on-one with individuals to determine their current and future needs and match them with a life insurance policy that provides security and protection for the named beneficiaries. Additionally, we are here to offer services to choose a policy, any changes to the policy after the purchase comma, and any claims that may happen in the future.

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